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You Fall Into a Field...

This was the first official Scaffold Gallery exhibition. The tagline was "A thought experiment as an exhibition". The title was a kind of riddle, which I had written, and asked each of the artists to respond to with a new work.

You Fall Into A Field

Long Grass Breaks Your Fall

You Are Bewildered And Disorientated

Which Way Do You Walk?

It was inspired by ideas of thought experiments. Postulations which directed you to consider theoretical possibilities. This riddle was meant to make not very much sense. I wanted to create something with enough subjectivity that the artists could interpret in what way they saw fit. I did not want them to answer it, that is not really the point of thought experiments.

It was an experiment for me. I wanted to give a series of artists a singular, shared, starting point, and see what directions they took it in. That's why I asked "which way do you walk?" I wanted the concept of the show to reflect the intention of it. The artists would each go their own way, not literally saying "north", or "towards the nearest city", but in their own way of interpreting the riddle.

As you entered the space - down a flight of stairs below a bar - you were confronted with the riddle in large letters across the floor, as if they had fallen there. I thought it was very important the anyone visiting the show understood the approach. These were not individual art-works that could exist on their own. They existed to their fullest in the context of the exhibition. And so the viewer had to approach each work for what it was; a response to the question.

This was, and remains, a fundamental aspect of my curatorial practice. The viewer is given a clear context, within which they can gain an insight into the work. Not an explanation or an interpretation, but a starting off point. And, crucially, the same starting off point that the artists had when beginning to make the work.

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