In Visible Lines

Castlefield Gallery New Art Spaces, Bolton

Curated with Scaffold Gallery

June 2017

Alexander Glass, Declan Connolly, James Ventre, Joe Whitmore, John Carney, Laura Hopkinson, Matthew Challenger, Omid Asadi, Rado Daskolav, Robyn Nichol

A group exhibition seemingly with no theme. At first glance, the works perhaps share few similarities, and maybe would not normally be found in an exhibition together.


After the exhibition was installed, the artists all came together for a special seminar. They talked about each of their works, discussing the themes and inspirations behind them. Through this process they began to discover hidden links, conceptual connections, between their works. These were displayed as part of the exhibition, written in invisible ink onto the lines which connect the works, and could be made visible to visitors with UV torches.

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In Visible Lines-4.JPG
In Visible Lines-18.JPG
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In Visible Lines-25.JPG
In Visible Lines-27.JPG
In Visible Lines-11.JPG
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