Hang Out

Bankley Gallery, Levenshulme

July 2019


Alan Begg, Axel Bottenberg, Vicky Boylan, Andy Broadey, Rebecca Browne, Valerie Clarke, Paul Dodgson, Stewart Kelly, Thomas Larkin, David Lunt, Ruth Murray, Ellie Nicholls, Kate O'Brien, Joseph O'Rourke, Bella Probyn, Hazel Roberts, James Roper, Sylvia Waltering, Teresa Wilson


An exhibition of works from artists based at Bankley Studios. None of the artworks were installed prior to the event; they were arranged on tables at one end of the gallery. As visitors arrived, they were invited to pick an artwork, and suggest somewhere in the space for it to be hung or placed. The team of Bankley Gallery Technicians then installed the works there and then.

This continued throughout the course of the day. If a work was hung, it could be taken down and moved somewhere else if someone liked, and most of the works had at least three or four different locations. This created a constantly shifting arrangement of artworks, where participants were actively involved in considerations over the impact that placement in space, and around other works, can have on an artwork. It also opened up conversations about how work from the hugely diverse range of artists at Bankley can coexist, and what possible connections and similarities can be found between them.


Video by Joe Preston