B E N E A T H  : 
f r i e n d s   o f   f u z z y  m e m o r y  

Cass Art, Manchester

May 2019

Pippa Eason, Robin Broadley, Jon Edgley, Gwen Evans, Laura Hopkinson, Joseph O'Rourke

Friends of Fuzzy Memory is a series of sculptural works from Manchester based artist Pippa Eason. Beneath: Friends of Fuzzy Memory was an exhibition examining Eason's work through the lens of five artist's practices: Robin Broadley, Jon Edgley, Gwen Evans, Laura Hopkinson and Joseph O'Rourke. Each produced new work in direct response to the ideas, aesthetics and themes they recognise in Eason's work. The pieces drew inspiration from it, but remain distinctly manifested in their own practice.


By installing these works alongside Eason's, the exhibition offered a critically reflective study of her sculptures, providing five alternate perspectives on them. It also explored the diverse and varying development processes that artists engage with when creating artworks in response to the complexity presented by other artworks.