A Thousand Words

The Great Medical Disaster, Manchester

Curated with Scaffold Gallery

October 2017

Phoebe Angel, Robin Broadley, Kristy Campbell, Paul Conneally, Nicola Dale & Laura Weaver, Matthew Dowell, Tracey Eastham, Devon Forrester-Jones, Keaton Fox, Samantha Harvey, Laura Hopkinson, Alex Jones, Vishal Kumaraswamy, Peta Lloyd, Benjamin Lunt, Eden Mitsenmacher, Kate Paul, Edd Ravn, Emily Whitebread

Scaffold Gallery presents an exhibition of new works from twenty artists, exploring the often-complicated relationship between language, image and art.


The artists examine some of the limitations that both language and image carry, as well as responding to their interactions with one another, how one can define the other, and vice-versa. An exciting and wide-ranging selection of artists present work in very differing styles, encompassing performance, print, video, text, sound installations and more.

Kristy Campbell

Nicola Dale and Laura Weaver

Benjamin Lunt

Devon Forrester-Jones

Phoebe Angel

Keaton Fox, Edd Ravn

Robin Broadley