A Show About The Show

Bankley Gallery, Levenshulme

Curated with Scaffold Gallery

August 2017

Bob Bicknell-Knight, Meg Brain, Rose Cleary, Carritt & Palmer, Rado Daskalov, Carrie Doughty, Rowan Eastwood, John Flindt, Rob Flint, Devon Forrester-Jones, Laura Hopkinson, Kayt Hughes, Daniel Hunt, Richard Hughes, Kieran Leach, Lewdjaw, Deaf Pictures, Claire Prosser, Adam Ralph, Sid & Jim, Emily Simpson, Laura Weaver

Twenty-three artists present new works in response to their experiences of exhibitions, reacting to their role in society, how they function and the customs and behaviours of an opening night. Through a wide variety of methods - including sound installation, photography, sculpture, performance, publications, video work and more - the artists each provide comment and critique on the rituals and traditions of the art exhibition.

Rowan Eastwood

Kayt Hughes

Deaf Pictures

Claire Prosser

Sid & Jim

Adam Ralph

Richard Hughes

Rado Daskalov

John Flindt