14 Ways To Get Rich Quick

Castlefield Gallery New Art Spaces, Bolton

Curated with Scaffold Gallery

January 2017

We all want it, we have to get it, but how? Award winning curator Ivanna Getrich determined 14 fool-proof ways to get mega-rich, and in no time at all. Each method was assigned to an artist to see how they respond to it, and these works presented in this innovative exhibition.

1. Win the Lottery - Connor Brazier

Gamble a small amount of money, and there’s a chance you may receive a lot more in return. The odds must be in your favour though.


2. Move to America - Giorgio Garippa

It’s the land of the free, the American Dream, where anyone can become rich and successful. Flights from £199.


3. Become famous - Peter Barnard

Get yourself on the A-list, with or without talent. Persistence is probably to most important thing. And knowing the right people.


4. Follow an online scam

Such riches are promised by strangers all the time on the internet. It’s just so easy to make so much money, without ever leaving your home.


5. Print you own money

With a small investment in equipment you can set yourself up with a way to endlessly produce all the cash you could ever dream of.


6. Master alchemy - Martin Kellett

Learn the techniques of alchemy and you can create gold from simple base metals.


7. Marry someone rich - Phoebe Angel

All you really need to do is charm someone who’s already done the hard work for you.


8. Invent something - Sid and Jim

The world needs new ideas, and ideas make money. You just need to have one, and you’re set.


9. Pretend - Adam Ralph

Just pretend you are. No-one will know any different, if you’re good enough at it.

10. Steal - Vishal Kumaraswamy

Other people have more money than you. Take it.


11. Exploit a commodity - Tom Lambe

People want things, and will pay for them. All you need to do is position yourself between them, and take your cut. Oil is well known for making people a lot of money.

12. Exploit people - Sid and Jim

People need jobs, and they can do jobs which make you money. You don’t even need to do anything then, they will exploit the commodity for you, but you still keep the profits. Win-win.

13. Dream it - Laura Weaver

Close your eyes. Imagine you are at a cash machine. You tap in your pin number, and press “check balance”. Let’s just say there’s a lot in there. Go spend it on whatever you like, or just enjoy the sight of all those zeros.

Laura Weaver


14. Lower your expectations - Lucy Taylor

Wealth is subjective, so if what you consider as rich becomes significantly less, it is suddenly a lot easier to become rich.